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Importance of Google Webmaster tools & How to Install for a Site

Today I am talking about a very important topic that is “Google Webmaster Tools” and how to install and its advantages.  If you are owner of any site or plan to purchasing a domain for your business, then I have some great tips and I thinks it’s a very important to read.  So let’s discuses these

Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tool play very important role to increases the visibility of any site on web search, give full website detail such as site back-links, Clicks, impressions, indexing, and site error report  etc. So first upon the question is that how to add or verified a site on webmaster tools. Here are some few steps, by following these step one can easily verified these website in webmaster tools.


v  Sign in to webmaster with the help of your Gmail account.

v  After sign in click on “Add a website” button and write website URL then click “Submit”.

v  After submitting next verification page will be open with two options

1)      Recommended method

2)      Alternative method

Recommended method :  By clicking Recommended method a HTML file will be generated;


User just follows four easy steps and verify website on webmaster

a)      Download this HTML verification file. [googleea78f1b9799244d6.html]

b)      Upload the file to http://www.abcd.com/

c)       Confirm successful upload by visiting you website.

d)      Click Verify below.

e)      To stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

Alternative method: That is the second another method to verify website or blog on Google webmaster.  We verify website using four ways by using this method.

1)      HTML tag


By Clicking HTML tags options an HTML Code will be generated like this as I giving below.

2)      Domain name provider

Sign in to your domain name provider

3)      Google Analytics

Varify Using Google Analytics

We will also verify our website using Analytics by pasting analytics tracking code into our website coding (in head section). After saving this click verify. As I given below

4)     Google Tag Manager

Users can verify using Google tag manger. The Google Tag Manager container ID is used only to verify site ownership. No Google Tag Manager data will be accessed. As I given below

Google Tag Manager

Advantages of webmaster tools

1)      Increases the visibility one search engine

2)      Increases the website probelity to ranks fast.

3)      Indexed or crawl regularly

4)      Check errors and debug these.

If site owner wants to grow their online business or traffic then he will surely verified their website on webmaster tool. For more info visit google.com/webmaster.



  1. James says:

    That is real cool staff, I really wants to appreciate your efforts. Thanks for sharing….

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