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Pay Per Click (PPC) is the best way of advertising on Internet. Its also called Paid click or some time refer to CPC (Cost per click).

PPC & Paid Advertising


The way to generates paid traffic to our website from different search engine is know as Pay Per Click.

PPC campaigns are the primary way of advertising on the three major search engine know as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How it work

We are creating Paid ads on the search engine with different-different keyword to generates traffic direct to our website. We should only pay for click to our site, if any person click on Search Engine Result, link and ads on our site ( PPP or pay-for-performance advertising). If any person search on web and only see our ads not click on it is know as Impression on our ads, and its free means we do not pay for impression.

Web Serach Results

PPC campaigning or advertising is very effective or result full if our keyword selection is good ( means Select keyword according to our website). With the help of good keyword we get quality traffic to our website.

Using clickstream analysis, a tracking system will tell you what people do on your site once they arrive through PPC advertising. This information is necessary to manage your advertising, and determine the best ways to:

obtain quality traffic

convert visitors into customers

create action that generates revenue


PPC is very effective way to generating traffic from web. We get Millions of traffic with the help PPC advertising. But its not be life time, For traffic you should pay. If you don’t pay the source of traffic will be closed.


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