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Hi, Every one my name is Rohit, a proffesional SMM executive, doing On page and Off page work, I am giving 300 to 500 links only $80.

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Importance of Google Webmaster tools & How to Install for a Site

Today I am talking about a very important topic that is “Google Webmaster Tools” and how to install and its advantages.  If you are owner of any site or plan to purchasing a domain for your business, then I have some great tips and I thinks it’s a very important to read.  So let’s discuses these

Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tool play very important role to increases the visibility of any site on web search, give full website detail such as site back-links, Clicks, impressions, indexing, and site error report  etc. So first upon the question is that how to add or verified a site on webmaster tools. Here are some few steps, by following these step one can easily verified these website in webmaster tools.


v  Sign in to webmaster with the help of your Gmail account.

v  After sign in click on “Add a website” button and write website URL then click “Submit”.

v  After submitting next verification page will be open with two options

1)      Recommended method

2)      Alternative method

Recommended method :  By clicking Recommended method a HTML file will be generated;


User just follows four easy steps and verify website on webmaster

a)      Download this HTML verification file. [googleea78f1b9799244d6.html]

b)      Upload the file to

c)       Confirm successful upload by visiting you website.

d)      Click Verify below.

e)      To stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

Alternative method: That is the second another method to verify website or blog on Google webmaster.  We verify website using four ways by using this method.

1)      HTML tag


By Clicking HTML tags options an HTML Code will be generated like this as I giving below.

2)      Domain name provider

Sign in to your domain name provider

3)      Google Analytics

Varify Using Google Analytics

We will also verify our website using Analytics by pasting analytics tracking code into our website coding (in head section). After saving this click verify. As I given below

4)     Google Tag Manager

Users can verify using Google tag manger. The Google Tag Manager container ID is used only to verify site ownership. No Google Tag Manager data will be accessed. As I given below

Google Tag Manager

Advantages of webmaster tools

1)      Increases the visibility one search engine

2)      Increases the website probelity to ranks fast.

3)      Indexed or crawl regularly

4)      Check errors and debug these.

If site owner wants to grow their online business or traffic then he will surely verified their website on webmaster tool. For more info visit


How to Promote a New Website with Social Media

Today I am taking about the subject Social Media Marketing, and discuss on top social media websites. In today’s trend Social media change our concept of Online Marketing.


Social media is the platform that allows any user or person to interact with one another and build relationship.

Social media is the process of obtaining traffic from social media websites. In social media the main motive to generate fresh content that attract visitor, users and readers to share comment on it with their social network.


Top Social media websites are

1)      Twitter

2)      Facebook

3)      Linkedin

4)      Stumble Upon

5)      Pinterest

6)      Google Plus

How to generate traffic with Twitter

Twitter-The most popular website in the world. Twitter Page rank is 10/10, and its alexa rank is 1. To generate traffic from twitter firstly user can understand more about twitter. With twitter you have only 140 characters to get your massage out. So with twitter short and powerful massage is very important.


With twitter you have to need to create strategies to build your network of follower and friends. You can follow what other user can writing, and they can follow you what you write, and if they like what you write then they can follow you back. Think if you have popular full list of followers and friends then you can ask them to share and retweet your post. This is the only way to generate genuine traffic with twitter. Here are some tips that help you turn twitter in to a traffic monster.

1)      Regularity

2)      Complete Profile Properly

3)      Write genuine Posts

4)      Get Followers

How to generate traffic with Facebook

Facebook– Top website in the social media having 9/10 page rank and 2 alexa rank. Facebook is the best website to generates million of traffic for any website. Here are some tips that help you turn twitter in to a traffic monster.


1)      Powerful profile

2)      Build your network

3)      Be active

4)      Arrange your page

5)      Regularly update your facebook profile

6)      Create a Business Page for your blog or website etc.

7)      Get local or world wild likes for your page.

8)      Post genuine content

9)      Answer all the question of peoples.

10)   Create facebook ads

11)   Facebook Campaigning


How to generate traffic with Linkedin

Linkedin also be the best site to generate traffic its page rank is 9/10 and 8 Alexa rank. If your business involves connection with other professional, then you should be on linkedin aside from being able to create a business profile for both yourself and your company. With linkedin you can take advantage to contact with other users of different areas and generating huge traffic. Some tips to generates traffic with linkedin as given below.


1)      Build your professional profile

2)      Create a company page on linkedin

3)      Create your Groups on linkedin

4)      Take part in popular groups discussion.

5)      Get linkedin premium account


How to generate traffic with Stumble-upon

Stumble-upon is one of the best traffic generators among the top 7 social media website. Its page rank is 8/10 and alexa rank 148. According to a survey a report refers that stumble-upon drive traffic more than all social media website. Here are some tips that can help you turn stumble-upon into a traffic monoster.


1)      Great content

2)      Get organic stumble

3)      Build a base and share content

4)      Build your network

5)      Share contact with your friends

6)      Use stumble-upon paid discovery


How to generate traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest can be very valuable in helping your business grow when use as a part of social marketing strategy. Its page rank is 8/10 and alexa rank is 28. There are many tips to generates traffic with pinterest as given below


1)      Create a strong profile

2)      Add your website

3)      Verify it

4)      Add the url to the pin description

5)      Pin at the best time (8pm to 1am)

6)      Add a call to action in your pin description

7)      Add board categories

8)      Contribute to popular group boards

9)      Add images to your website

How to generate traffic with Google plus

Google plus is the newest but popular social media website. It’s a perfect place to connect with people all around the world, build relationship, drive reader to your website. There are following tips to help increase traffic with Google+.


1)      Create a complete profile or page

2)      Connect with peoples

3)      Send targeted massages

4)      Publish interesting content

5)      Host hangouts

6)      Integrate and Cross-Promote

7)      Be Active

How to make SEO more effective

The subject today I am talking with you is not new, but very popular at that time. How to make SEO more and more effective? Every SEO company and freelancer wants to be known that what they can do to get high-ranking on search results pages (SERP).

In this post I can explain that how we get ranking fast and spam free (with the help of White Hat SEO).  There are some tricks to get rank on SERP with these easy steps as given below

Keyword Selection

The main trick to get high ranking on search result is – keywords Selection. Keywords that’s we selected is perfect for site or Blog. If we select wrong keyword then all work we done goes to bullshit. We create best links for our website but if the part of keywords Selection is wrong no one get ranking. So the main trick to get ranking is Keyword Selection.

Keyword Seletion


Site Content

Second main trick to get ranking fastly is site or blog content. If site or blog contact is fresh and meaning full then search engine prefer the website or blog to high rank. Copied sites are declared as spam or untested and many times they are panelised by search engine. So that second main trick to get ranking is Site Contact.


Webmaster Guidelines

The websites who follow webmaster guidelines are also get ranks very fastly and easily. So make sure your website follow all the guidelines of Webmaster.

Links Building

Our forth and very importance trick to get rank fast is Link Building. With the help of link building we get rank very fast and easily, But if we build quality and niche links from search engine friendly websites. All the links created are full of fresh content and quality. Links Building is also the best way to get ranking on SERP.

Link Building


Today the status of SEO goes down and down, because of the negative results. SEO is not a joke that anybody can’t do this effectively. If we done work like above mentioned then anybody make positive results on SERP


Pay Per Click (PPC) is the best way of advertising on Internet. Its also called Paid click or some time refer to CPC (Cost per click).

PPC & Paid Advertising


The way to generates paid traffic to our website from different search engine is know as Pay Per Click.

PPC campaigns are the primary way of advertising on the three major search engine know as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How it work

We are creating Paid ads on the search engine with different-different keyword to generates traffic direct to our website. We should only pay for click to our site, if any person click on Search Engine Result, link and ads on our site ( PPP or pay-for-performance advertising). If any person search on web and only see our ads not click on it is know as Impression on our ads, and its free means we do not pay for impression.

Web Serach Results

PPC campaigning or advertising is very effective or result full if our keyword selection is good ( means Select keyword according to our website). With the help of good keyword we get quality traffic to our website.

Using clickstream analysis, a tracking system will tell you what people do on your site once they arrive through PPC advertising. This information is necessary to manage your advertising, and determine the best ways to:

obtain quality traffic

convert visitors into customers

create action that generates revenue


PPC is very effective way to generating traffic from web. We get Millions of traffic with the help PPC advertising. But its not be life time, For traffic you should pay. If you don’t pay the source of traffic will be closed.

What is SEO and how it will change with time?

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization . It’s a very important for our website to increase the visibility of our website and blog in search engine.



The search engine is the process to improve the quality and visibility of any website in search engine by doing paid or unpaid links and obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results pages (SERP).

Types of SEO

There are two type of SEO

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is another form of SEO. In white hat SEO we are doing quality work according to the webmaster rules. We are creating natural links with fresh or genuine content. In white hat SEO links we created are categorized properly according to the site. White Hat SEO is most frequently used by those who intend to make a long-term investment on their Web site. White Hat SEO is also called Ethical SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is another form of SEO. In Black hat SEO we are not doing quality work according to the webmaster rules. For example Creation of Span Links, Keyword stuffing, Raff content. Black Hat SEO is most frequently used by those who are looking for a quick financial return on their Web site, rather than a long-term investment on their Web site. Black hat SEO is also called Unethical SEO.

Change In SEO

In ancient time SEO work is very simple. We but now according to webmaster rules it’s a very tough job.

Here are some changes that I can tell you

Link building and Anchor Text


In Old time we create so many links and create Anchor Text directly our keyword, and we rank on SERP. But Now a day if we are doing these type of work then our ranking goes foul. I am not telling you that you should not create anchor text, create where its natural.

Content and natural links

Now after penguin and panda update sites that have low quality links copied content are going down on SERP. Sites who don’t follow the webmaster tool rules and guidelines are also goes foul.

Creating Great Links

Now after panda and penguin updates Links building process might be very changed. We have created links according to the guidelines of panda and penguin algorithm.


Some time many things comes in our mind about Google updates, that’s why Google does these types of updates. I can tell you why? It’s done for the improvement of search results (SERP).